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We offer cleaning products and cleaning services to clean, restore and maintain your home in Singapore.


cleaning products Singapore

Cleaning Products Singapore

We offer a wide range of superior high-quality specialised cleaning products that are directly imported from Europe for your cleaning needs.

Each product is designed not only to leave your home cleaner, but also easier to maintain. Restore your home to pristine condition with our products 

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cleaning services singapore

Cleaning Services Singapore

For those who do not like to do it themselves, we are more than happy to provide a wide range of cleaning services using our superior range of cleaning products.

Be it cleaning homes, windows, floors, marble polishing, removal of mould and stains etc our services are customised accordingly to our client's requirements. 



About Us

Hi-Glitz Pte Ltd is established in Singapore since 2001. We are committed to distributing effective, high-quality, high-performance cleaning products in Singapore. Our products are specially formulated to ensure maintenance of a clean and healthy environment for our customers.

We are a leading distributor of specialised cleaning products in Singapore, and have built a network of several retailers. 

We also provide cleaning services and consultancy to various organisations within Singapore.

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We provide tips from the professionals in cleaning for free on our website. These tips will help homeowners and businesses to clean, restore and maintain the splendor of their property or offices.

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