How to Clean your Car Seats and Upholstery like a Pro

Clean car seats

It happens. Your child was eating some food in the back seats when he / she accidentally spilled some juice on the seats, leaving a nasty stain. Or you and your pet are on the way to the vet, when your dog pees on the seat, leaving a bad smell and nasty stain. 

Or a starbucks coffee or breakfast on the way to work via a drive through seemed like a good idea at that time. After all, each morning, during rush hour, traffic is virtually on a standstill, and you could slip the coffee as you are struck in traffic congestion while listening to music.  A slice of heaven? 

Well, it is until you suddenly hit the brakes to prevent an accident, and discovered to your dismay that your coffee or drinks have spilled on your beautiful car upholstery. Wiping the spill is ok, but it does leave stains.

And the cleaners? They offered to clean your car upholstery for a staggering sum, and there is no guarantee that they could remove the stains.

This article describe how to clean your car seats and remove any stains. 

Items you need

Stain Remover

Stain Remover Singapore

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For carpets and upholstered furniture. Universal stain remover for gentle, deep and simple elimination of soiling and stain-generating substances. Also removes tiresome and unpleasant odors, refreshes the carpet. Also suitable for textiles.Buy Now Button


How to clean your car seat (for non-leather seats) 

We recommend the use of Stain Remover to remove stains on your car upholstery.Stain Remover is a gentle, deep cleaning agent use for simple removal of soiling and stain-forming substances. It also removes annoying and unpleasant odours.

1. To start with, dab off any liquids with an absorbable cloth and vacuum off loose dirt.

2. Spray stain remover onto the contaminated area, allow to work-in for 2 – 3 minutes and then take up the loosened stain with a clean cloth or absorbent paper.

3. Then treat with clear water and dab dry.

4. During drying, do not sit on the treated spot. 

5. Vacuum again after drying. 


If your car seat is made of leather…

leather cleaner

Leather Cleaner

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Leather Cleaner is a specialised cleaner for the thorough and gentle treatment of nearly all types of smooth leather coverings in homes, commercial premises and automobiles.

Leather Cleaner removes all signs of greasy marks, stains, stubborn soiling and dirt spots. It also moisturises and freshens up the leather surfaces.Buy Now Button

Cleaning Leather Seats

We recommend the use of Leather Cleaner as well for maintaining your leather seats. Leather Cleaner is a special cleaner for the thorough and gentle treatment of nearly all types of smooth leather coverings in automobiles. It gently removes all signs of greasy marks, stains, stubborn soiling and dirt spots. In addition, it moisturises and freshens up the leather surfaces.

1. Spray undiluted onto a soft-slightly moistened cloth or sponge.

2. Wipe the surface to be treated using a circular motion.

3. Take up dissolved dirt and subsequently wipe over again thoroughly with a dry cloth.

4. Repeat the procedure again in case of particular stubborn soiling.


Need Help? 

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Car Cleaning Services in Singapore

While Hi-Glitz Pte Ltd does not offers car cleaning services, you may like to try Yelp as a guide on where you can find car cleaning services in Singapore.

In general, many petrol kiosks provide car cleaning services, and these range from manual car wash to automated car washing services. 

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