Floor Cleaning Services, Singapore

Floor Cleaning Service, Singapore

We provide cleaning services for homes and offices within Singapore


Our residential cleaning services are very flexible. You may request to just clean your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, a combination of these or the entire apartment. You may request an ad-hoc cleaning or a weekly / monthly package. 

Imagine the sense of comfort and ease you feel when you return after a long day’s work to a clean home. There is no longer any need to clean your home yourself – and weekends are spend with your family and pets instead of having to sweep, vacuum, mop and dust the place.

Simply leave the cleaning of your home to us – Sit back and relax while our team of cleaning professionals offer your our best service!


Did you know that using the wrong cleaning agents or some general purpose cleaner can actually corrode your tiles over time? The end result is a very expensive re-tiling which can easily cost over $5,000 and up for a 3 room HDB flat.

Our cleaning agents are imported directly from Europe and are specifically designed for your floor type. 

Our experts are careful to use the proper cleaning agents for your home so that your floors are not only clean, but also last longer.

Using our superior high-quality cleaning products also makes your floor easier to maintain, it is possible to restore some floors to pristine conditions.


We provide commercial cleaning services for organisations, and our clients include many building and estates maintenance teams from various condominiums and shopping centres in Singapore. as well as SMEs.

We take the stress out of managing cleaning employees (including leave, MCs, etc), and clean your office daily, weekly while ensuring that your office premises are in optimal conditions. 

Some common areas of cleaning services we provide to organisations include: Lobby Floor Cleaning, Windows Cleaning, Exterior Facade Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and more. 

Give us a try today. It would be the best decision you ever made.


Right products: We use superior high-quality cleaning products that are directly imported from Europe to clean your home. The products we use is specially formulated for your floor type.

Right Tools: These, combined with our specialised cleaning machines or steam cleaning machines, make sure that every spot on your floor is thoroughly clean.

Right People: Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in cleaning in Singapore, and when other professional cleaners have difficulties in cleaning stains on the floor, they approach us for our advice. 

Right Process: We understand that no two floors are ever alike in their cleaning needs and that different home has different tiles. Therefore, our experts will examine the home and recommend a customised service to restore your home into pristine condition. 

Right Price: Our services are competitive priced.

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