Mould Removal Services, Singapore

Mould Removal Service, Singapore

Hi-Glitz is a leading expert in mould removal within Singapore



Moulds are microscopic fungal organisms that come in a variety of forms. Moulds favour hot and wet surfaces, e.g. bathroom or kitchen, cluttered storage areas, recently flooded areas, leaking aircon, plumbing spaces, shower or window curtains and outdoors in humid environments

Mould if left untreated and is given more moisture, can cause extensive damage to property. 

Mould has been identified as the cause of a wide range of health problems, including  watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage and frequent sneezing. In rare cases, it has been known to cause death. 




Mould grows extremely fast, and depends on water to reproduce and grow. Therefore if you have leaking pipes that are causing moulds to grow rapidly, you need to call for a plumber, or any mould removal efforts are doomed to failed. With additional moisture, any mould removal effects are only temporary, and the mould will come back quickly. 

Our mould removal specialists use superior high-quality products imported directly from Europe to specially formulated to combat mould. Our experts not only clear the area of existing mould, but also take steps to ensure that mould will not re-infest the area in the short term. 

Our mould removal specialists will leave your home cleared of mould, cleaned and refreshed, as it is meant to be. 

 Anti-Mould Impregnation

Mould Remover Chlorine

Mould Remover Chlorine-Free

Andti-mould Additive


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Right products: We use superior high-quality cleaning products that are directly imported from Europe to clean your home or office. The products we use is specially formulated for clearing your home of mould and fungus.

Right Tools: These, combined with our specialised cleaning machines or steam cleaning machines, make sure that every spot on your flat is thoroughly clean and that the mould is contained.

Right Man: Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in combatting mould in HDBs and condominiums in Singapore. 

Right Process: Our experts will examine the home and recommend a customised service to restore your home into pristine condition. We not only get rid of the mould but also look at ways to prevent it from coming back. 

Right Price: Our services are competitive priced.

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