Window Cleaning Services, Singapore

Window Cleaning Service, Singapore

Hi-Glitz offers professional window cleaning services at affordable rates

Our Window Cleaning Services


We offer professional window cleaning services at affordable rates for homes and commercial organisations. 

Our services includes a first clean to get rid of heavy grime, grease and other dust from your windows.

After which we will proceed to clear your windows using superior high-quality cleaning products that are directly imported from Europe. These cleaning products are specially formulated so that your windows may enjoy streak-free cleaning. We then apply a thin coat on your windows that prevents quick re-soiling and produces an anti-condensation effect.

The end result? A clear, sparkling, and clean window that you, your employees and clients can enjoy looking out of with clarity. 



Window cleaning in Singapore can be a dangerous affair if leaning out of windows at height or climbing up ladders. There were several accounts of maids falling to their death while cleaning the external facing windows. 

We provide a team of experienced and highly-trained cleaning experts, combined with latest technologies and equipment, to assure you that your window is in good hands. Our cleaners are guided not only on cleaning  technologies and methods, but are also trained in safety measures.  Below we list some of our services.

Home Window Cleaning

We go to your home and clean all your windows, both internal and externally. The end result: Your windows have never been clearer nor cleaner. 

Boom Lift and Scissor Lift System

for External Facade Cleaning

Boom Lift Systems are ideal for cleaning when the building is about 3 stories high or less.  

Gondola Access for External Facade Cleaning

Gondola Suspension Systems allow cleaning of vertically flat surfaces at all heights.

Our partners are certified by  Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health as an Approved Scaffold (Suspended Scaffold) Contractor, allowing us to build, install, re-position, alter or dismantle portable gondola systems.

Rope Access System for External Facade Cleaning

Rope Access Systems allow us to reach places that are otherwise difficult or impossible to reach. It is often the cheapest and easiest way to clean hard to access areas. 

Scaffolding System for External Facade Cleaning

Scaffolding Systems can be built for cleaning interior or exterior facades. 



Right products: We use superior high-quality cleaning products that are directly imported from Europe to clean your windows.

Right Tools: These, combined with our specialised cleaning tools, make sure that every spot on your windows is thoroughly clean.

Right People: Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in cleaning.

Right Process: Our experts will examine the home and recommend a customised service for your windows cleaning. 

Right Price: Our services are competitive priced.

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