Anti Mold Impregnation


Highly effective concentrate. Cement Residue Remover quickly and easily removes cement residue, mortar residue, lime deposits, efflorescence and inorganic contamination.

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Description of Anti-mould Impregnation:

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Anti-mould Impregnation provides lasting protection against mould, fungi, algae and moss in problem areas with favorable humidity conditions and thermal bridging. Protects against the formation of new mildew. Odourless and therefore suitable for living room, bedroom and children’s rooms. For walls with wallpaper, paint, tiles and masonry.

Effect of Anti-mould Impregnation:

Anti-mould Impregnation provides lasting film protection to prevent mould formation in interior areas. Transparent and odourless liquid prevents formation of moulds and algae on problem surfaces with unfavourable air-humidity conditions by film protection. Anti-mould Impregnation acts to inhibit mould forming and reduces the uptake of moisture.


For all absorbent substrates such as wallpapered or painted walls, ceilings, tiles, grouting, plaster, concrete, brick, sand-lime brick, gypsum boards, wood, amongst others. Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, basements, sanitary areas, kitchen, saunas. For places where mould infestation often occurs because of thermal bridges, such as e.g. window corners or behind furniture, cupboards, wall panelling. Treated areas can be wallpapered or painted afterwards.

Direction of use:

Before application of Anti-mould Impregnation, ensure that any mould and spores which are present as well as green residues are thoroughly removed. For this purpose, use Wepos Mould Remover with Chlorine in sanitary areas or on washable surfaces, and Wepos Mould Remover Chlorine-free on absorbable surfaces. Allow cleaned surfaces to dry thoroughly. Then spray the anti-mould impregnation generously at a minimum distance of 1m over the endangered area covering well and allow to dry.


Always test for surface compatibility before use. Moulds and their spores present a serious danger to health. For this reason, they should be completely removed and measures should be taken to prevent new formulation.


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