HG Marble Crystallizer

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HG stain protector (product 15) protects both porous and non-porous tiles and natural stone floors invisibly against stains and penetrating and stubborn dirt. Cleaning with a mop is all it takes for a shiny floor.

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Description of Marble Crystallizer:

HG Marble Crystallizer hardens the surface of polished limestone floors by crystallisation. Also gives a gloss improvement.


On marble, travertine, terrazzo, composition tiles and other kinds of polished calcareous natural stone.

Direction of use:

Lightly spray an area of no more than 2-3m2 with HG ‘ marble crystallizer ’
and burnish with a buffing machine ( 150 -300 r.p.m.) using an steel wool or similar rustproof pad. Do not use rusty or dirty pads. To avoid rusting the steel-wool pad which is being used should not lie still for more than 10 minutes during the crystallization (otherwise the pad will dry out). Keep crystallizing until the surface is completely dry and a beautiful clear gloss is achieved. A second treatment may be necessary.

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