Wood Soap

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Wood Soap is a care formula for daily cleaning and care based on natural soap. Refreshes the coating and maintains the natural appearance. Doesn’t make the floor slippery, forms a semigloss care film and is anti-static. Prevents premature age-related effects. Protects wood from drying out. For waxed and oiled wood and cork.

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Description of Wood Soap

Wood Soap cleans and cares. For waxed and oiled wood and cork flooring. Based on natural soap.


Natural soap contains washing and polishing agents for daily cleaning and care. Wood Soap refreshes the coating and maintains a natural appearance. Does not contain wax and does not make floors slippery. Leaves a silky-matt protective layer with antistatic effect. Prevents early aging, such as darkening, greying or fading. Protects against drying out.


Oiled, waxed, leached and sealed wood and cork surfaces. For natural and veneered woods, such as pine, spruce, larch, beech, maple, walnut, bamboo, oak, alder, etc., for flooring, stairs, doors, furniture, indoor and outdoor panelling.

Direction for Use

Add 50 mL of Wood Soap to a bucket of warm water. Mix well. Clean floor with well wrung-out cleaning cloth and let dry. Rinsing off is unnecessary.


Wood and cork, being natural products, are sensitive to moisture, as they absorb water and consequently may change their shape. Extensive effects of humidity may result in swelling and bulging. For this reason, only wipe with a moist cloth and avoid puddle formation.


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