How to Unblock Pipes in Basins and Kitchen Sinks

Is your kitchen basins and sinks or shower overflown? Are the pipes blocked with oil and grease residues, food, hair, soap scum, cotton wool etc? 

Worrying about expensive plumber fees? 

Have no fear, this article describe how you can will unblock your pipes quickly and effectively.  Now there is no need to worry about expensive plumbing fees. 

How to unblock wash basins and kitchen sinks

unblock pipe

  1. Place the plunger over the drain. 

  2. Plunge up and down several times in quick succession.

How to Maintain your wash basins and kitchen sinks

We recommend the use of Drain Ex Granulates.

Drain-Ex Granules

Drain-Ex Granules

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Drain-Ex Granules loosen and dissolve even persistent blockages such as oil and grease residues, food, hair, soap scum, cotton wool, etc. in the kitchen and bathroom in basins and sinks, drains in the bath and shower, in the toilet and other drainage and piping systems. Self-acting and extremely fast. Even frozen drains are de-iced.Buy Now Button

Using Drain Ex Granulates 

1. Fill one half of the sealing cap with liquid and pour it into the sink, followed by one cup of cold water.  

2.  Let liquid act for 30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with cold water

Modern bathroom

How to Clean Acrylic Basins, Bidets, Urinals, Bathtubs, Shower Surfaces and Toilet Bowls

Keeping your bathroom clean need not be a hassle. It can be pretty simple actually. 

In this article, we will focus on cleaning acrylic surfaces. Acrylic is plastic compound that is commonly used for making bathtubs, bidets, urinals, wash basins , shower surfaces and toilet bowls. 

How to Clean Your Acrylic Basins, Bidets, Urinals, Bathtubs, Shower Surfaces and Toilet Bowls

We recommend the use of Acrylic Cleaner. Acrylic Cleaner effectively and gently removes dirt, rings in the bathtub, lime deposits, oil, soap, shower gel and bath oil residue, fingerprints and traces of wear.


Acrylic Cleaner

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Acrylic Cleaner gently and effectively removes dirt from all acrylic and plastic surfaces in sanitary and wet rooms, bathroom, shower and toilet. Acrylic surfaces treated by Acrylic Cleaner become hygienically clean, dirt-repellent and easier to clean. Acrylic Cleaner is antistatic, with drip-off effect. For brightly coloured and shining acrylic surfaces.Buy Now Button


Cleaning the acrylic surfaces.

In addition, treated acrylic surfaces gleam and are hygienic, dirt-resistant and easier to clean.

 1. Wear rubble gloves to protect your hands.

 2. Spray the Acrylic Cleaner on the surface and let it sit for 1-2 minutes.

 3. Then wipe quickly with a damp cloth and rinse with warm water.

If your toilet bowls, urinals, and bidets has traces of urine scale or urine smell…

 Urine Stone and Limescale Remover

Urine Stone and Limescale Remover

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Urine Stone and Limescale Remover is a self-acting intensive cleaner. Urine Stone and Limescale Remover eliminates urine stone, lime deposits, soap stone, rust stains and other stubborn dirt or deposits. For all acid-resistant ceramic surfaces in the sanitary area such as toilet, urinal, bidet or drainage installations as well as showers and baths.Buy Now Button

Getting rid of Urine Smell 

We recommend the use of Urine scale and Lime Stone Remover. This product is an self-acting intensive cleaner that is formulated to eliminate urine scale, lime deposits, soap stone, rust stains and other stubborn dirt or deposits.

 1. Pour 150 ml of  Urine scale and Lime Stone Remover  undiluted into a washbasin.

 2. Distribute evenly with a brush and according to the degree of contamination allow to work for longer, and if needed, overnight.

Need Help in keeping your bathroom clean? 

ask for helpWe do provide cleaning services for those who need help in cleaning their bathroom.

 For more information, please click here.


How to Clean your Aluminium Basin like a Pro

Aluminium Basins are very pleasing to the eye. However, over time, many homeowners will note a built up of grease, wax and powdery substance on the basin surface. 

This article shares with you how you may clean the Aluminum Basin.

What you need


Grease, Wax and Dirt RemoverGrease, Wax and Dirt Remover

$20.90 $17.60

Grease, Wax and Dirt Remover is a concentrate for the easy removal of dirt, old layers of care products, wax and polish residues, skid marks, nicotine deposits and greasy and oily contamination and building dirt. Grease, Wax and Dirt Remover may be used for interior and exterior use on stone, tiles and ceramic, plastic and metal. Also for furniture and cars. Ideal for basic cleaning before applying protection and care products.

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We recommends the use of Grease, Wax & Dirt Remover. Grease, Wax & Dirt Remover easily removes dirt, old protective layers, wax and polish residues, run marks, heel marks and rubber abrasion, nicotine deposits, yellowing as well as greasy and oily soiling and dirt

How to clean your Aluminium Basin like a Pro

1. Add 200 ml of Grease, Wax & Dirt Remover to a bucket of warm water.
2. Apply with a cloth.
3. finish with scrubber, brush or sponge and remove dissolved dirt.
4. Wash with clean water.