How to Clean Grout (the area between tiles) like a Pro


Grout is the mortar that is used to fix tiles to walls, floors, and even worktops. Grout are usually white in colour. In HDB homes, it grout is present as the space between tiles.

Even if you’re diligent about cleaning the wall or floor tiles, you’ll undoubtedly find residual dirt clings to the grout in between. 

If left uncleaned for a long period of time, you might even see unhealthy black mould growing on grout. Why? Because grout is a porous material and tiles are commonly found in rooms that are moist – namely kitchens and bathrooms. These are exactly the conditions that fungus, or mould, love.

 To clean grout between the walls, we recommend the use of Grout Cleaner. Grout Cleaner is specially formulated to remove grease, dirt, cleaning residues and stubborn deposits from the space between tiles.

grout cleaner

Grout Cleaner

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Grout Cleaner removes grease, dirt, residues of care products and stubborn deposits. For the cleaning of grout of wall and floor tiles indoors and outdoors. For ceramic and natural stone tile grouting. Buy Now Button

How to Clean the Grout

 1. Before use, test the surface compatibility on an inconspicuous place to ensure there is no change in colour.

 2. Dry the surface to be treated.

 3. Saturate the surface with an even spraying action.

 4. Allow to work in for 1-2 minutes.

 5. Scrub sprayed grouting joints with a soft brush.

 6. Rinse out the brush often with clear water and remove the dirt film. 

cleaning grout

How to Get Rid of Moulds in the Grout.

If you have not cleaned your bathroom for a long time, it is possible for mould to grow on the grout. 

To get rid of mould, we recommend the following products: 

Mould Remover Chlorine Free

Mould Remover Chlorine Free

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Mould Remover Chlorine Free easily removes mould, fungal infestation and mould stains. Is chlorine free and odourless, therefore particularly suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms. Disinfects and protects. Buy Now Button




1. Spray the Mould Remover evenly on affected surfaces, so that a covering film results.

2. Allow to work in for 30 – 60 minutes. In the case of more severe infestation, allow even longer to work in, if possible overnight.

3. Then remove residues with a soft brush or sponge and thoroughly wipe off with a moist cloth or sponge. 

Need Help? 

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We offer cleaning services that will clear the grouts between floors and wall tiles.  

 Experience the differences in clarity when it is cleaned by our professional experts. 

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