WEPOS Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic 


Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic is a powerful basic cleaner concentrate for the thorough and gentle removal of stubborn dirt, limescale, urine stone and mineral deposits, slight cement residues and rust from acid-resistant surfaces. For tiles, split tiles, ceramic floor panels, porcelain stoneware and acid-resistant natural stone. For interior and exterior use. Ideal as patio cleaner.

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Effect of Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic:

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Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic facilitates the thorough, powerful and gentle removal of stubborn dirt, calcium deposits, urine scale, water scale, light cement films and rust from acid resistant surfaces.


Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic may be used for all acid resistant surfaces in interior and exterior areas. For tiles, split tiles, ceramic floor tiles, stoneware and natural stones which are nonsensitive to acids such as diverse types of granite, slate, quartzite, basalt, chrome, stainless steel and glass. Applicable in all sanitary and wet areas, toilets, swimming pools, terraces and balconies.

Direction of use:

Depending on the degree of soiling, apply Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic to the pre-moistened area pure or diluted up to 1:10 and distribute with a scrubber or sponge. Allow Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic to work in shortly, but avoid drying on. Remove the dissolved residues with a scrubber and take up with a sponge, vacuum cleaner or wiping cloth. Wash again thoroughly with lots of water.

Important :

Always check for surface compatibility before using. Pre-wet areas well before treatment, in particular the grouting. Protect bordering areas and wash off splashes immediately. Calcium-based natural stones such as marble, shell limestone, Jura marble, Solnhofener slabs, travertine are sensitive to acids. Use can cause irreversible damage. Care is to be taken with diverse granites (e.g. Kashmir White, different Padang varieties or Crystal black). Testing in advance is mandatory

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